OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a little prude. But I can get quite “rude” too.When I see a bit too much flesh on TV, I will go “Yee!”. Sometimes the legs belong to a model walking across the screen. Sometimes it is a woman in her underwear.When papa asks me why I react like that, I point out that they are “sexy”. When papa asks me what that means, I admit that I don’t really know.I get more confused when he reminds me that mama has legs too but I don’t go “Yee!” at them. I certainly don’t react to mama’s boobies like I do to TV boobies… maybe because they kept me alive when I was younger!So I don’t know why I go “Yee!” at some displays of female flesh. But I do know that occasionally running around naked at home is fun! As I do so, I tell my folks that I am a streaker.Little Prude Streaker Isaac


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