My name is Isaac Tan and this is my e-portfolio for DSA applications.

I am currently a Primary 6 student and prefect in Rulang Primary School.

Isaac Tan, Rulang Primary School prefect.

I like to create YouTube videos and write stories based on the video games I like to play. I provide samples of my stories, written work from school, videos, and blog posts.



Here is a PDF with evidence that I am who I am and that I do what I do.

This other PDF is to show that my parents are not imaginary.

As these PDFs contain personal information, it is available only to DSA evaluators.


Writing Examples

Here are sneak previews of my personal statement, four stories I wrote shortly after my mid-year exams, and samples of my written work that my teachers read out to my classmates.

I will share the full PDF or Google Doc versions only with those who need to see them and with people who aren’t copycats.

Personal Statement

Excerpt from My Most Memorable Trips Overseas: In 2014, I visited Hoi An, a World Heritage site in Vietnam. While at a restaurant, a small child around the age of 6 walked in and tried to sell the us toys and accessories. He said he was doing it to make money for school. Instead, I discovered that the money he earned would go to his boss. I realised how fortunate I was to not have to do something like that in order to survive.

Personal Creative Writing

Sneak 1

“Mr Doe, from here on out, you are officially relieved of duty,” the General said to Doe. The year was 1950, after WWII had ended. The Allied forces had successfully pushed Germany back and the Japanese surrendered after the bombs were dropped. An unknown hero, however, sat alone at his campfire with cardboard cut-outs of soldiers. Commonly known as “Soldier,” Doe had fought in WWII illegally and went on a Nazi killing-spree. He had thousands of unofficial confirmed kills and was highly dangerous. He saw himself as a war hero, but the government thought he was a psychopath.

Sneak 2

The infamous Mann Manor stood tall, but its owner didn’t. He was on his deathbed, surrounded by his two idiot sons, Blutarch and Redmond. They were each left halves of the land they pestered him into buying, but it was mostly rock, sand and dust. He left his right-hand man, Barnabus Hale, his company. While Barnabus was enjoying his new company, Blutarch and Redmond hired nine of the world’s deadliest mercenaries to take over each other’s land. They did this two times, as the first set died. They entrusted Barnabas with millions to supply their mercenaries with the latest technology and revival. The fights over the land ended in a stalemate, until something else happened.

Sneak 3

The Badlands. Home to some of the strangest creatures ever to walk this earth. They were meant to serve in the event of war, but have long since been abandoned and reverted to the one thing they know: Fighting. The infamous Mann Company uses them to test their A.I. training simulation robots, often known as Bots. Despite the technological advances after the recent discovery of a new element known as ‘Australium’, these Bots are still under development and quite stupid.

Sneak 4

Red is the world renowned Pokemon Trainer from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region. He is the Ex-Indigo League Champion and is the original protagonist of Pokemon. But what is his true story? What is hidden under that red hat of his? This is the story of Red that you may not know.

Samples of School Work

Sneak 1

School was boring as usual. I came home, did my homework, chores and so on. When I was about to take a nap, my little Brother, Tim, asked me, “Can we play? Please?” He would not take ‘no’ for an answer, so I followed him anyway despite my grumpiness. That was when everything went wrong.

Sneak 2

Luke was a big backstabber. He loved to be the antagonist and had betrayed many of his friends. Most of all, he loved to cause disputes among friends without getting his hands dirty. He was a cunning person by nature, and used his skills for evil.

Video Examples

I helped my father create several YouTube videos on Minecraft when he was the head of the Centre for e-Learning. This was the introductory video.


I also helped create two Minecraft Minion videos when I was 9-years-old. This is one of them.


I have always been an avid LEGO builder and have moved on to playing the Team Fortress 2 video game. I combined my love for the two with these videos. Here is one example with over 1,000 views.

I like getting feedback from my classmates and when they ask me when my next video will be online!


Sample Blog Posts

Click on the links to explore the work I have created about: