Expect what?

Papa tells me that I have to learn a new word: Expectorate. But he also tells me that, for now, it is more important that I learn how to do it than to spell it. I am not sure which will be harder to do.I am told that to “expectorate” is to make that “haaaak-ptui!” sound and to spit phlegm out. I can’t do that and I suffer as a result.I am still sick and I get congested as I sleep. I wake up every few hours because I cannot breathe. The phlegm chokes me and makes me want to puke, but I try to swallow it because I don’t like to vomit.Why don’t I like to puke? Well, I have to do it in the toilet bowl, which is where my butt normally goes. The bowl is for the bottom end of my body, not the top!Little Non-Expectorating Isaac


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