It’s been three months since I stepped into SOTA as a newbie. My seniors have been very supportive. Here are two cards I received after orientation.

The first was a generic card that every one of us received.

The second was a custom message from a student one level up.

I’m looking forward to welcoming newbies next year!




I received an award from an MP recently. It was called EAGLES and I had never heard of it before.

EAGLES is short for Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership, and Service. Yippee!

BTW, the award was for my time in primary school. But since I have already started my secondary education, I wore my new uniform to the event.

Fort Canning Park

I visited Fort Canning Park to hunt for Charmanders. These were my bonus finds.

Mushrooms at Fort Canning Park.

Those were some big ‘shrooms.

Wild jungle fowl at Fort Canning Park.

We were at Fort Canning Park in the morning and this wild jungle fowl crowed to let everyone know he was the boss of the place.

Jungle fowl butt.

The best result of all that exercise was collecting enough Charmanders to transform my Charmeleon to a Charizard and finding a wild Dragonite! Woo-hoo!