As I was walking home with mama and papa yesterday, I spotted a man walking towards us. He was bald.Is that the word to use? Or should I have said melon head, botak, or follicle-challanged?Anyway, as we got closer, I pointed at him and said, “That man needs to wear a wig!” Papa shushed me straight away and when we got out of earshot, we had a laugh. Actually, I had started laughing as soon as papa tried to silence me.The man wasn’t very near, so I doubt he actually heard me. I try to speak properly too, so he may not have understood me!In any case, my folks told me that was not a polite thing to say because that man might have wanted to be bald or he might not have had the choice. They then mentioned something about me needing to develop an internal monologue or dialogue.I know what I think of that, but I am not saying. I am having an internal monologue.Little Social Commentator Isaac


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