My empire

I have resumed playing Zoo Empire alongside LEGO Star Wars. Both have weird and wonderful creatures in the game as well as the Empire in them!I think I have become better at Zoo Empire after taking a break from it. I built new zoos and the animals there (kangaroos, crocodiles, lions) all made babies!Recently papa asked me if I knew how people made babies. I told him that a mama and papa had to get married first, then the babies could happen. Then papa asked me how the babies “appear” and he suggested that they were bought at a baby store. That’s so silly… only celebrities buy babies!I don’t really know how babies are made, but I may have gained an insight into the process while playing Zoo Empire. I caught a male and female crocodile doing it. By “it” I mean nuzzling their snouts and a pink heart appearing along with pink fuzz all around them. Then a baby crocodile appeared like the teleporter in Star Trek!Hmm, I don’t think that is how it actually happens. I know for a fact that crocodiles lay eggs because they are reptiles. Maybe the pink fuzz hid the eggs from view.Little Inquisitive Isaac


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