Lanterns and more!

As promised here is the low-down on my exploits yesterday. All I can say is that it is sometimes worth it to put down the Wiimote and go somewhere with my folks!I visited Thow Kwang pottery jungle yesterday to celebrate the mooncake festival, but mooncakes were furthest from my mind (and my mouth). I enjoyed a hearty dinner and dessert with all the friendly folk there. Papa says it felt like being back in the USA and being invited to someone’s home for a potluck!Then we lit our lanterns and walked around. I brought one of my own, a cellophane fish, but I really liked the look of the accordion-type lanterns. Fortunately, there were so many of them that I managed to get an extra lantern.


We walked over to the firefly area and challenged them to a light fight. But there were even fewer about than the last time I was there. My folks think that the rain that fell earlier might have had something to do with it. I know that they were intimidated by my lantern!I also played with some sparklers with another boy. When the sparklers ran out, we just ran about! Hee-hee!When I wasn’t running, I sat still and watched our hostess prepare tea in the traditional way. Man, it takes a long time to get so little! In my case, I did not get to taste a single drop… nor did I want to!But the tea aside, I had a great time. Probably a better time than these photos reveal!


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