Too early

There are some days that I wish I did not have to go to school. It can be boring at times and there are some nasty kids there. The only things I really like about school are playground time and when I get to do meaningful work.When I say work, I mean the mama or papa kind of work. You know, like teaching the other kids or doing some reading or writing. It makes me feel grown up and good about myself.BTW, I like checking in on papa when he is working in the study. I will walk up to him and say, “So, how is your work?” or “Are you enjoying your work?” Sometimes he will smile and say yes, but other times he will give me a whithered look.I don’t know what his problem is. I like working on things that I enjoy. That is why I tell mama not to pick me up from school too early. If she comes to school too early, I cannot finish what I am doing and I hate adding to my “to do” list!Little Worker Isaac


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