I had a very busy weekend. It started with an unexpected and lonely stay at school/childcare while my folks went for a meeting at the school they hope to get me into. Let me see if I got this right… I was in school so that I can get into another school. The next phase of my life looks bleak!Fortunately, I did not have to wait long and I was rewarded with lunch at McDonald’s. When we got home, I played as many games as I could to make up for lost time!On Sunday, we visited Thow Kwang pottery jungle again, this time for breakfast. We came prepared because I helped mama make some peach and strawberry mini-muffins. While my folks enjoyed some conversation with their meal, I walked over to the pond to feed the fish.When I was done, I returned to find that my folks were still yakking away. Fortunately, Aunty Carolyn had an iPod Touch and she introduced me to a new game, Spore.It’s such a cool game because I get to be a creature that evolves over time. I fell in love with it straight away and begged papa to get it. It was on sale at the Apple apps store at just US 99 cents, so papa bought it. Yay!I played some Spore just before bedtime and I am just a blob now. Give me a day or two and I will be the T-Rex of the Spore world!Little Blob Isaac


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