Racial Harmony Day

I celebrated Racial Harmony Day in school on Monday. But papa has only been able to get write access to my blog today. That’s my explanation, his excuse and our reason for the delay!Anyway, I did not wear my usual school uniform but donned a maroon Baju Melayu instead. I looked good in it, but then again I think that I look better in anything other than my morning uniform!The other unusual thing that happened was the fact that mama stayed with my K1 class and told us stories. That was great fun, mama! When you we going to do this again?I don’t know how me wearing traditional Malay garb promotes racial harmony. (I’d settle for plain old vanilla harmony… as in my school “buds” not jumping on me or “attacking” me.) If folks wanted to spread the message of racial harmony, they could do what some people around our place did over the weekend.There was a huge “do” downstairs on Sunday. Racial harmony meant setting up a stage and singing karaoke very loudly and badly. And in Hokkien and other languages I did not understand. It was so unpleasant that we left home and sought refuge at a quieter place (was it a construction site?).Papa says that to promote racial harmony, you must first have racial tolerance. What better test of tolerance than karaoke? I can think of another test: Burning incense paper late at night and not in the metal bins. Unfortunately we got that last night too.I guess that makes us really tolerant people. Now can we please have our fair share of harmony?Little Tolerant Isaac


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