Where’s papa?

What an unusual day it was today. And it all started yesterday.

Instead of getting ready at home for a dreary Monday, we visited grandma and grandpa on Sunday  stayed over. All of us… not just me! I was thrilled because I had the best of both worlds. I had my folks with me and I could get spoiled rotten!

Then I remembered that I wasn’t going to school because no one could send me there! Why you ask? Mama leaves for work early in the morning and so papa is supposed to do that. But he had to attend something called a retreat on Monday (today) and Tuesday so there was no one to bring me to school. Since mama works in the eastern part of the island, we decided to stay with my grandparents.

But I think that a “retreat” is such a strange event. Isn’t that what you say when you are losing a battle and you need to run away? What are papa and his colleagues running away from? From what I saw on Skype with papa just now, I think that they are running away from work! I still don’t understand why papa isn’t coming home. But as long as I have mama with me, everything is fine!

Anyway, I had a grand time with grandma today. She bought me a new pair of sandals and a new LEGO set. Later on in the evening, we went out and bought a Baju Melayu for me. No, I am not changing my ethnicity. I am getting ready for Racial Harmony Day next week at school, so I have to wear the ethnic costume of some other race.

Adults do strange things. And they make us kids do strange things too. It’s a wonder we don’t grow up terribly confused!

Little Wondering Isaac


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