Shower helper

I’ve blogged before about how I started bathing on my own since I turned five. I’ve also described how I have my own tub so that I can have a relaxing soak.

After one such relaxing soak one day, I decided to do some work in the bathroom. I had got myself all clean and smelling fresh and I thought that my bath area could use the same treatment. So I grabbed hold of the shower head and sprayed water everywhere.

Everywhere. The pipes, the walls, the shower door, the instant heater and even the windows. My folks noticed only after mama saw water coming out of the window. Papa rushed in to see what all the fuss was about and scolded me. He said that spraying water on the heater was dangerous and ended my cleaning spree before I could say “but”.

So that’s what I get for trying to help. I won’t be washing the bathroom any time soon. I’ll stick to making messes because I am good at that.

Little Helper Isaac


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