Boys day out

I thoroughly enjoyed my time away from school today. I went out with papa first and we met up with mama later in the day.Papa and I went out for a burger lunch and then headed for dessert at a new Udders branch. (Actually, udders can’t have branches… so we visited a new Udders teat?) Papa enjoyed Strawberry Fields while I tucked into a Snickers and Mars and something-or-other combo. It was yummy!We walked around for a while before taking the train to IKEA. There was some sort of sale there and my folks planned on meeting there. So they shopped, but they were too efficient so we got out before dinner time. Darn, I was hoping to have dinner there!After a short rest at home, we headed out for dinner at a noodle place. Then it was more shopping. Then we headed for home. I made sure that I did some exercise first by running around downstairs.So that was my day with my folks… the way I like it to be. And I learned something today too. I took the elevator up to our apartment on my own. Papa says that soon I will be able to run quick errands to the mamak shop. I don’t know about that!Little Relaxed Isaac


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