Do you know what a Trunki is?No, it’s not some sort of weird elephant trunk. It’s a kiddy-sized suitcase designed with kids in mind. You can see it in action here in case the video doesn’t load properly below.Mama read about it online and told papa. Then they searched for it here in Singapore and finally found one just for me. And it was blue!Now when we go on vacation I can pack my own stuff, pull it behind me and even ride on it!But one of the first things I did was decorate it. This is a photo of me personalising it in papa’s office with some of the free stickers that came with the Trunki!


My folks say that you might be able to find the Trunki online, but it may cost more than if you bought it at a brick-and-motar store. They ordered one from The Planet Traveller at Marina Square for S$85 (which was about $10 less than online).Hmm, I can think of several things to spend the $10 savings on…Little Trunki-ed Isaac


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