Public face

Ooh, I am famous. Well, sort of famous…Someone just contacted papa and asked him if she could use a photo of me when we were in Montreal (we were in a restaurant called Eggspectations). That person was organising an event to bring families together and raise funds for a school.I don’t get anything for being the face of the event except maybe the fuzzy feeling in my tummy that I could be helping some folks on the other side of the world. Then again, that feeling could be because I am hungry.I’ll have my fill at a party I am attending later today. One of my school buddies is having her birthday!Little Man Isaac


2 thoughts on “Public face

  1. Thank you for the compliment!I hope that everyone had a great time. It was like a party, right? So I am sure it was fun. Parties are always fun!Little Model Isaac

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