Lost fame

Yesterday I missed an opportunity to have my 15 minutes of fame.A film crew visited my school and started shooting. (We didn’t shoot back so nobody got hurt… hee-hee!) The group was doing a special on early childhood education, so we went about our business as usual.As I was leaving school, I said goodbye to the principal. Someone in the film crew heard me, spotted my cute mug, and asked mama if they could turn the camera on us. Mama politely declined.We picked papa up from work and told him about it and he remarked that is was a golden opportunity missed. He said that me being on TV might have opened a new source of income, like me being responsible for product endorsements. I had no idea what he was talking about.What I did understand was how I could have been paid in LEGO and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. Really? Oh, man! That really was a missed opportunity!Little Nobody Isaac


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