Sleep takes such a long time!

That was my response to mama when she asked me why I did not like going to sleep at night.

I was not referring to the fact that it sometimes takes me ages to fall asleep. I was referring to the fact that all I did when I was asleep was examine the insides of my eyelids. At least that is what I think I do anyway. I can’t tell because I’m asleep!

But I digress. The time I spend sleeping could be better used to do so many fun things. Like drawing and colouring or using my computer or watching my favourite shows or kicking a ball around.

I know what you might be thinking: I could dream about doing those things. It’s just not the same and I tend to forget about my dreams!

So I’ll say it again. Sleep takes such a long time. It seems like a waste of time to me. Nocturnal animals know that and we should learn from them!

Little Insomniac Isaac


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