Did I tell you that I have joined the Little Einsteins programme in school? Yes? No? I can’t remember… a load of good that is doing me!

Anyway, the programme does not refer to the Disney TV show of the same name. I do not climb aboard my favourite rocket ship zooming through the skies and all that.

I do get to carry my own magnifying glass, forceps, compass and measuring tape. I also get to wear a spiffy lab coat! But papa doesn’t think that it is worth the money.

Just this Tuesday we mixed honey with warm water so that it could mix. Ooh, experiments that you can eat! When my folks asked me if I learned anything, I wasn’t sure.

So papa introduced me to the concept of “viscosity.” We talked about how “thick” water, milk, honey, and ketchup were. We even did another experiment when we got home.

See, I think I learn more at home than I do at school!

Little Experimenter Isaac


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