Zoo victory!

After a few weeks of playing Zoo Empire sporadically, I have finally figured out a way to keep my animals alive.

I used to design my zoo based only on what I liked to see, i.e., by my favourite animals and colours. It did not occur to me that koalas and anteaters did not like walking on ice and sharing the same enclosure!

I learned that penguins could squeeze through small gaps and that zookeepers needed gates to enter enclosures to feed the animals. I also learned that some plants go with certain soils and certain animals. Wah, so complicated!

Yesterday, I got it all together when I put three polar bears in an icy place with toys, a scratching post, an ice shelter, and a feeding stand. I remembered to make a gate for their keeper and he actually went in to feed them!

Woo-hoo! My animals no longer die from hunger! Woo-hoo too that the polar bears don’t eat the zookeeper even though he just wanders around the enclosure ever so casually!

I wonder what I should do with next with my zoo…

Little Zoo Designer Isaac


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