Wednesday, whoa!

Papa tells me that there is a saying that Wednesday’s child is full of woe. He should know because he was born on a Wednesday.

But as a child, my Wednesday was full of whoa!

I started the day by having breakfast with papa at McDonald’s. Then it was off to school and work for the both of us. I’m hoping this is a ritual we will do every week!

At the end of the day, mama picked me up and we had dinner out. My folks have full days every Wednesday so they have no energy to do anything at the end of it.

We had dinner at the Banquet and then headed for Anderson’s Ice Cream for dessert! The dessert was courtesy of a voucher that we had. I had been plotting and planning the whole outing from the beginning of the week and I was glad to pull it off.

I have no objections to doing something like this every Wednesday. But mama’s relief teaching stint at SOTA will be ending soon and her students are disappointed. I am disappointed too because that means more meals at home. Sigh!

Can we have more whoa-ful Wednesdays?

Little Whoa-ful Isaac


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