Papa tells me that as people get older they tend to forget things. In that case, I am definitely getting older because I forgot to tell you about an outing I had last Friday!

Mama picked me up from school earlier than usual so that we could visit Hortpark and try the Kent Ridge Canopy Walk. I definitely preferred Hortpark over the Canopy Walk.

Hortpark was quite a lot of fun. There were many different kinds of plants and flowers to admire. Some of the plants were in air-conditioned glass houses and they reminded me of the ones I saw when I was still living in the USA.

But the best thing about the Hortpark was the fact that it had fountains and a playground. I climbed, slid, hopped, rode, and bounced. I also liked the fact that it had wide open spaces for me to just run around.

I wished we could have stayed there longer, but we headed for the canopy walk instead. To do that we had to walk up, up, up. When I thought that we were done walking up, we walked up some more!

I complained to my folks that the mountain was difficult to climb, but papa replied that it was just a slope. Well, it seemed like a mountain to my short legs!

I was pooped so mama and papa took turns carrying me up. Go, sherpas, go!

Papa forgot to take photos while we were on the canopy walk, which is just as well. I do not have fond memories of the place. The only thing I liked about that place was the walk down.

Fortunately we have a few photos of our visit to Hortpark. Only a few. Take more the next time we are there, OK, papa?

Little Walker Isaac


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