LEGO dude!

Late last year, grandma bought me a small box of LEGO. It was of a dude and a sand buggy.Grandma helped me to open the box and sort the pieces. But I assembled it all by myself! My grandparents were very proud and told my folks about it. Grandma proudly mentioned how the LEGO set was meant for 5-12 year-olds. I went, “Meh!”Papa thought that grandma might have embellished a bit. After all, my grandparents think the world of me! He remained doubtful… until just last Saturday.I told you how we went out right? Well, mama was not the only one to buy stuff. I got another box of LEGOs, this time a bigger one meant for 6-10 year-olds.Mama did not want me to flash her while she was trying on outits in dressing rooms, so I sat with papa while he did some work. I worked on my LEGO.Papa helped me sort the pieces and left me to follow the instructions on my own. By the time mama came around, I was done with the two cars in the set and had even applied the stickers on them!So now what do you think, papa? Do you still, how do you say it… see-me-no-up?Little Dextrous Isaac


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