No free show

We visited VivoCity yesterday. I know… it was crazy to venture out on a weekend! But mama wanted to get some new togs for work, so we decided to brave the crowds.

Except that there wasn’t much of a crowd in the early afternoon. My folks said that it might have something to do with the economy. It was poor and wasn’t feeling well.

Well, we helped it buy buying stuff to eat and wear! I helped mama choose some clothes at various shops while papa did some work at a wireless hotspot.

I liked helping mama while she was in the fitting rooms. Sometimes I’d give my opinions on what she was wearing. Other times I’d open the door or move the curtain aside to see who was waiting outside.

Mama didn’t like it when I did that. She said she was there to try and buy, not provide a free show. Hey, if the economy is bad, people might like some things for free, right?

Little Non-Economist Isaac


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