I have a new role on the Tan household: Locker-upper.

When we get home, either papa or mama will unlock the gate and door. Once we are in, it is my responsibility to lock the gate and door.

The lock on the gate is too high for me to reach without climbing the gate. So that is what I do. I scale it and click it. Then I shut the rest of the world out by closing the door.

Ah, peace at last!

That is until someone rings the bell. And someone did today while we were having dinner. It was someone going around to check if households were breeding grounds for mossies.

Mama found out from the friendly neighbourhood mossie man that the number of dengue fever cases had risen to 40 in our area! I guess that is why my folks are using citronella oil in my bedroom.

Now if only there was some other way to lock mossies out of our home!

Little Locker-upper Isaac


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