Looking back

Here we are at the last day of the year and papa says that I have little sense of nostalgia. He says that I have not lived enough life to be nostalgic. Nostalgia? It sounds like a disease!

This from the same person who says that nostalgia is like grammar: It makes the past perfect and the future tense. Well, what about the present, bub?

Presently, I am looking back at 2008 via our online photo albums. There are specific ones like:

Wow, that does seem like a lot of fun! And I have more in a generic 2008 album. The three most recent photos there were scanned from pictures taken of me by someone in school.

Have a happy 2009 everyone. And remember to take lots of photos to capture “Kodak moments”. (Apparently I am not old enough to understand what that means either!)

Little Older Isaac


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