Presents post-mortem

It’s Boxing Day. I did not know what this day after Christmas was until now. It’s the day for putting in storage (or the donation pile) the presents that weren’t appropriate.While I received quite a pile this year, I really only like a few. My favourite is the LEGO Clone Wars set. I got mama and papa to help me build the complicated bits while I focused on playing with the mini-figs and dismantling the odd bit and piece. You can see our efforts here and here!I am also reading almost all the books that I received. Those are gifts that keep on giving because I can read them again and again! The only one that I said piffle to was a vocabulary book meant for 1-2 year-olds! That will be regifted or donated!One kiddie item that I will hang on to is a bath toy. Other toys that will be donated include a battery-operated toy car and a sandcastle building set. Hey, even I know that the car won’t hold my attention for more than a few minutes and that we don’t have sand in or around our apartment!You know, whoever said that it’s the thought that counts should think again. Some people just don’t think deeply enough.Little Reboxing Isaac


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