Bali Day 2

I started the day with a refreshing dip in our private pool. It was a great way to build up an appetite and I was quite hungry by the time the friendly servers brought breakfast to our villa.We had quite a spread. We tucked into an American and Indonesian breakfast. Well, mama and papa did. I was just happy with bread, pancake, half a muffin, bacon, cereal, milk and fruit. There was so much food that we had to keep some in the fridge for a snack later.I watched some TV (they have 60 channels!) while my folks swam in the pool. I joined them in the pool and frolicked till it was time for lunch.First we made a quick pit stop to a minimart a few minutes walk from our villa. Yay, flavoured milk, yoghurt, and snacks! Then my folks asked for directions to Sate Bali. Ariana, the kind driver who brought us from the airport to Sanya’s volunteered to bring us there. He even picked us up after we were done.I really enjoyed my mango juice and mie goreng (that’s how they spell it). My juice was more like pureed mango and my noodles came with two sumptuous sticks of satay! I couldn’t decide if these were better than the ones I had for dinner yesterday.That’s right, I think my goal in Bali will be to try as much satay as possible. (BTW, our online album is not quite ready, but if you want a sneak preview, click here!)Little Satay Boy Isaac


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