Write on!

Yesterday, my English teacher told mama that I write very well. I am the only one in my class who can write my letters well and in a straight line. I can spell properly too!I can do this without my parents drilling me. I just saw them writing occasionally and wanted to do the same! Papa says that curiosity and mimickry are great ways to learn.But papa also says that learning to write might be a “dying” skill. After all, he and mama hardly ever need to write now. I see my folks typing on the computer all the time. Papa says he hardly writes with a pen at work. When I see my folks write, they are either writing a cheque or signing a credit card bill! So how little will I actually write when I am their age?Maybe I will write very little or not at all when I grow up. But can I keep drawing with my crayons, markers, and paint?Little Growing Literate Isaac


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