Drawing on my experiences

My folks should seriously consider scanning a sample drawing of mine at least once a month. Why? I get inspired by different things. They might also learn a thing or two about me!I am in my drawing-the-sun-clouds-trees-and-houses phase. I also like to draw vehicles, but I do that all the time. I draw in school occasionally, but I do my best work at home! Papa can bring home a stack of rough paper from the office and I will go through them in a few days!


Papa opted to put this drawing on Flickr because I can leave notes that tell you what I was trying to draw . To see the notes, click on the link or the image above. I have only labelled what you might have difficulty with (wasn’t it obvious enough?).Some of you might wonder why there are no people. There are. They are in the house and driving the vehicles! If you really must see people, I can put other drawings online later, OK?Little Colour Pencil Isaac


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