Another play date

I went over to a new friend’s place yesterday for a play date. It was her turn to host because I had hosted earlier. Things started slowly at first, but by the end of the play date, we were inseparable!In between, we played games, had lunch, and read a book or two. My friend was vegetarian, so I was not used to her food. But mama and papa slurped and munched away merrily. I settled with a non-exotic cheese sandwich, but that was fine by me!I brought my friend a present. It was a game and it was probably the highlight of our day. It was like Jenga, except more colourful!After some dessert, we slowed things down with a good read. Papa chose a Pooh book and I surprised myself by reading practically all of it myself. (I only got stuck with words like “roasty”.)When it was time to take photos, my friend and I got really pally. Papa opted to take a silly photo of us, so I opted to make a silly face.Then it was time to go and my friend got upset. But we assured her that we could play again when we met in school. On Tuesday.That’s right, Monday is Deepavali, so it’s a holiday! Long weekends rock!Little Friend Isaac


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