Hundreds of words

Yesterday, my folks found out that I know a lot of words.One of the teachers in nursery school told mama that kids from my school need to recognise between 200-300 words by the time we are ready for primary school. Primary school is a little over two years down the road for me.My teacher told mama that I am about half way there and that I am the only one in my class to reach this milestone. Mama was surprised because she did not do anything special beyond just reading to me and having me watch programmes like Between The Lions. Papa thinks that me playing games and wanting to label my drawings had something to do with it too.So watch out world, it’s a few hundred words now and even more in the future! Then I will be able to type my own blog instead of getting papa to do it. But to do that, I will have to rearrange the letters on the keyboard. Whoever designed the keyboard must have been quite ill or something. It is “ABCDEF… not “QWERTY…” doofus!Little Wordy Isaac


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