Play date

I had an eventful weekend. I not only stayed over at grandma and grandpa’s like I do every fortnight, I also had a play date to start the weekend.There is a new girl in school. She’s Canadian and her parents are originally from Sri Lanka. But they are now in Singapore because her papa is on something called a “sabbatical”.I don’t think she likes school very much because it is a new experience for her. I understand. So mama and I hosted a play date at our place so we could get to know one another better.I did as much as I could to entertain her. We messed around with my trains and LEGO, played snakes and ladders, shared some snacks, kicked a ball around, played indoor tennis, and did some drawings. She was very shy at first, but when it came time to leave, she did not want to go. Heh-heh!I hope that she had a good time. (I know I did!) Then maybe when it is my turn to visit her when she returns to Canada, I can go visit her! Oh, and I just realised that Godma Sohie might be in the same town, so I can visit her too! Yay!Little Host Isaac


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