Chinese kids day

Someone decided to hold a belated Children’s Day event downstairs last evening. My folks and I decided to leave the apartment, not to attend the event, but to avoid it altogether!I was enjoying my afternoon nap when the noise started. Apparently one way to celebrate being a kid was to have a children’s karaoke contest! Unfortunately, some young-at-heart people took part and they “sang” songs that were more appropriate for the Hungry Ghost festival. But thanks to them, the Ghostbusters now have nothing left to do.We ran away too. We took the train and explored a mall that we had never been to. Some dinner, dessert, and window shopping later, we returned home.Unfortunately, the event was still on when we walked by. I could not understand everything the man on stage was saying. He spoke Mandarin most of the time and occasionally threw in a broken English phrase or two.Papa says that the organisers should have made something clearer in the poster that advertised the event. It should have been a celebration for Chinese children only. I don’t care about that. I think that they should have bought an alarm clock to remind them when they should have ended the event!Little Kid Isaac


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