LEGO Batman

I love playing LEGO Batman. I learned the names of new characters and what they can do. Some are strong, some can jump high, and some are just cleverer than others.I can also be one of the good guys or pretend to be a baddie in the game. Either way, we smash lots of things and solve lots of problems. When the problems are too difficult, I ask mama or papa to play with me or to give me tips.I prefer to be Batman or Robin because they can change suits. They do this not to make a fashion statement, but to allow them to do different things. Some metal things can only be blown up so I need Batman’s demolition suit. Kaboom!After Batman makes a mess, Robin can clean up with another suit. No, it is not a French maid costume! He puts on something that looks like a sucky, vaccuum cleaner thing. He has to collect a certain number of LEGO bricks before he can put them into a machine (I have to figure out if I have more or less than I need or how many more I should collect). The machine then makes something new. It’s like getting a surprise present!Holy LEGO bricks, Batman! I love this game!Little Sidekick Isaac


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