Children’s Day… yay!

I had an excellent Children’s Day today because I spent the day out with mama and papa.We had lunch at Inle, a Myanmar food place. I had my favourite noodles there as well as some Myanmar sausage.Then we visited a LEGO store. We were hoping to buy a Boba Fett figurine but ended up walking out with a small rebel ship complete with four rebels. Now I can create fight scenes with my stormtroopers!When we got home, my folks had another surprise for me. It was a chocolate fudge cake from the Cake Station at Jalan Kayu! They had snuck there earlier in the week to buy it.After munching on chocolate cake (with my stormtroopers and rebels watching), I got to play the Wii on a weekday. The best part was that papa bought a long-awaited game: LEGO Batman! I loved every minute of it, especially when I had to decide what suits to wear in order to overcome different obstacles.Sigh, I wish there was a kiddies day every week!BTW, it is also Hari Raya Puasa today, so I actually lost one celebratory holiday. So someone owes me another day of fun…Little Kid Isaac


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