Children’s Day… not!

I was really looking forward to school today because we were celebrating Children’s Day (which is actually tomorrow. And tomorrow is also Hari Raya Puasa). We were allowed to wear our own clothes instead of the school uniform. So I chose a nice blue shirt.Unfortunately, when I got to school, one of my classmates told me that my shirt did not look nice because it did not have pictures on it. To make matters worse, a few of my other classmates decided chime in and mimic him. I did not say anything but I felt very upset. It was a good thing that mama was around to tell them off!But mama was not around for something that happened later. We were supposed to play musical chairs outside and all of us had to put our footwear on. One of my “friends” hid my sandals and so I could not join the rest. I looked desperately for my sandals but could not find them. I got very upset about the whole thing and I cried.My teachers found out what happened, but it was too late because the damage had been done. One of my teachers did not allow that “friend” to sit with me later on so that he would not have the pleasure of my company.Papa is angry and thinks that the teachers did not do enough. He says he is going to do something about it. Ooh, can I help? Could we use light sabres?Little Pissed-Off Isaac


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