Good to be sick

I spent another day in “exile” from school. (Sharing is good most of the time, but sharing germs is not.) But I discovered that it is good to be a little bit ill!First, I accompanied papa to a computer service centre in some far flung place (the drive was long enough to warrant a nap in the car). When we got to the place, papa left his computer there for repairs. Hey, how are we going to watch movies and TV?But I soon got over that because the service centre gave away free sweets. Then came the even sweeter deal: We went out for dinner… Jalan Kayu prata, yay!We also tried to get to the Cake Station before it closed, but no such luck. We have never been able to get there in time! To compensate, mama and papa bought other goodies like otak, bean curd and you tiao. I just enjoyed my service centre sweet.Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we stepped into a 7-11 to get more parking coupons. While I was there, I spotted some toy cars on sale. I picked out my favourite for a cool $3.90.See? It is not always a bad thing to be a little bit phlegmy or mucousy.Little Better Isaac


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