Farm visits

Yesterday I accompanied mama to a fish farm and an aeroponics farm. Today I visited a goat farm. Mama spoke to different people and took lots of photos. I fed assorted animals and took my own photos!Why were we visiting these places and doing all these things? I learned that mama is going to write about kid-friendly places for a local parenting magazine.Hey, I’m a kid! Why doesn’t mama interview me and ask me what I think about these places?I can tell you that feeding fish and turtles is great fun. But plants are kind of boring and the green juice they sell at the aeroponics place tastes terrible! Goats are stinky but they make yummy chocolate milk. Oh, and people should try to feed the smaller goats because the bigger ones bully them.Maybe I should write in the magazine! Does the editor accept camera phone photos and words written with crayons?Little Reporter Isaac


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