Grand day out

I don’t have to go to school today because it is Teachers’ Day! (Happy TD to Teacher Grace and Teacher Pu!)Instead, I will be going out with mama after the sun rises. Then I hope to watch Wall-E with mama and papa when the sun sets. Woo-hoo, what a fun day it is going to be!I had a grand day out yesterday too. Papa decided to brave Comex 2008. He said that attending the event on the last day and on a weekend was like getting a root canal without local anaesthesia. So mama and I went along but hung around other places as much as we could.In the end, all three of us ended up with something new. I got myself a new belt and T-shirts, mama got herself a new phone, and papa got himself a new backup hard drive.But the most fun bit was discovering new places to eat. We had lunch at a Myanmar restaurant called Inle. Then we had dessert at a cafe called 12×12 (pronounced “twelve by twelve”; no website). I loved the noodles at Inle and the chocolate and strawberry cakes at 12×12.Just how yummy was the food? It gets two thumbs up and one big toe from me. And as we were about to leave, I asked if we could eat there again if we were in that part of town.Little Reviewer Isaac


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