Wii Fit

I didn’t blog on Fri because I was busy exercising. Really!I visited papa’s studio, the MxL, right after it received two new Wii balance boards and the Wii Fit game. I did not know that it was so much fun to exercise!So far I have run, done ski jumps and slaloms, hula-hooped, walked a tightrope, and headed footballs while avoiding boots and panda heads! Yes, boots! The avatars who kick the balls to me sometimes loose their footwear. And don’t get me started about the headless pandas!The best part about Wii Fit is that it tells me my fitness age after I go through a battery of tests. According to the Wii, my fitness age is 29.Papa tells me that I need to lower my fitness age to my actual age. But I think that I have already made progress!Little Fitter Isaac


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