Papa often says this to me: Look where you are going and look at what you are doing! Most of the time I do not pay attention. But I learned from the school of hard knocks that I should…Last week I pretended that mama was a monster who was chasing me for my sweet, tender flesh. Papa warned me to look where I was going because I was looking behind me. All of a sudden, a pillar jumped in front of me and I bonked my head against it! It really hurt!After some quick (and insufficient amount of) comforting, my folks remarked how loud the thud was. They also wondered about the “structural integrity” of the building. Apparently, my coconut head was more than a match for reinforced concrete!On the bright side, I managed to see twittering birds and stars as they revolved around my head. But I won’t be looking for them anytime soon!Little Blockhead Isaac


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