Did you know that some folks got a day off today because Saturday was National Day? Unfortunately, my school was open for business as usual.Fortunately, I managed to wriggle out of school! I skipped my fortnightly overnight stay with grandma and grandpa last week, so I decided to make up for it this week. On Sunday!Even more fortunately, grandpa won some money playing 4-D, so he was feeling exceptionally generous.We visited T3 to have lunch and desert. We also visited a toy store that I knew had some Cars merchandise that I did not already own.Unfortunately, the tow truck I wanted was out of stock. Fortunately, the friendly salesgirl found a set of three vehicles that included that tow truck. Better still, grandpa said he would buy the set for me. Woo-hoo!I gave him a great big hug and wrote him a note. That should keep me in his good books for quite a while. Hmm, who shall I target next?Little Fortunate Isaac


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