Coins = Cars

One thing I started doing is collecting coins my my little bucket. Sometimes I stack them up or line them up. I also ask mama and papa what I can buy with this coin or that. Papa thinks that it is time that I learned the value of money.Yes, tell me how many coins I need to buy toys! I don’t ask for much. A new $5 Tomica car or truck now and then will make me happy!I have described how I like looking at the Tomica display cases in toystores. I have noticed that different stores have different policies.At Kiddy Palace, the Tomica boxes are locked up and everything is neat and tidy. At Toy’R’Us, the boxes are within easy reach. This means that they are not in order and many are damaged, open or even empty.A while ago, mama and I saw another mama and her kid take a car out and play with it on the floor! Aiyoh, even I know not to do that. You can only open the box once you have bought the toy and are outside the store!So, when am I going to learn how to count coins? I bet that I have enough to buy several cars! Heh-heh!Little Counting Isaac


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