Bloody day

There was quite a bit of excitement towards the end of my school day. One of my school mates dripped blood on the music room floor!I saw some bits and heard others, and this is what I pieced together. Boy A scratched Boy B’s hand. Boy B fled and bled. There was so much drama that I had to tell mama and papa all about it in the car!I’ve just remembered something. Yesterday Boy C attacked Boy D by scratching him. To claim that he was only retaliating, Boy C bit himself so that he could say that Boy D bit him first. Whoa, I would never have thought of that!Papa said that second incident settled the question of whether we were born evil or not. I don’t know what he was talking about. I was talking about blood being spilled and he was philosophizing. It’s not real to me!Unfortunately, I did some bleeding of my own. I caught my thumb in the bathroom door as I closed it. Boy, did it hurt! Boy, did it bleed… a little! But I milked it for all it was worth.The upside is that I’ve got a cool penguin plaster on it. The downside is that I may not be able to play with the Wii with an injured thumb. Now that’s incentive to heal!Little Blood Isaac


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