Monkey see…

Monkey do. I can’t help it… I was born in the year of the monkey!I like imitating mama and papa. I learn how to do some things this way. Other times I mirror them! I position myself like them and follow their actions. It’s fun for me and they seemed amused.But I have learned that I should be careful who I imitate.I imitated a particularly naughty schoolmate of mine one day. He put his foot up on a bathroom sink and I followed suit. Before you could utter “oh no, the sink came crashing down!”, the sink came crashing down.I felt terrible even before a teacher came along and scolded us. I burst into tears and said I was sorry. Somehow my schoolmate found the will not to imitate me.No prizes for guessing who I won’t be imitating any time soon!Little Imitator Isaac


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