Mood lighting

Not too long ago, papa bought bedside table lamps. He called them “mood” lighting and asked me what I thought of them.Hmm, are the lamps supposed to work like mood rings? You know, the ones that change colour when your mood changes? If so, the lamps papa bought seem to be broken. They are stuck in warm and fuzzy mode.I did not want to hurt papa’s feelings so I said they looked very nice. I must say though that the lamps made me want to sit in mama and papa’s bed and build a pillow fort on it. I also like telling my stories when those lights are on.Is that what the lights are for, papa? To attract me to your room like a moth to a candlelight? All you have to do is ask and I will be more than happy to sleep between you and mama!But why do you grumble when I wander into your bed early in the morning? You are sending mixed signals, papa! If only the mood lighting worked properly and picked up papa’s mood…Little Brood Isaac


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