Nice weekend

I visited the zoo again yesterday. This time I went with my teachers and classmates.All I remember from this trip are the giraffes, zebras, hippos and kangaroos. And the kangaroo babies. Oh, and the missing elephants. I really wanted to see them, but they were hiding somewhere cool because of the heat of day. (Um, how do you hide an elephant?)I also remember the chickens. The chicken bits that I had for lunch, that is! I was so hungry that I even wolfed down the whipped potato and cole slaw. (What animals do these come from?)Then it was time to return to school, have a bath, and nap for a long time! We had a late tea and it was time to go home. I still had animal in my mouth (tuna sandwich) when we were in the car! (Why can’t I eat in the car more often?)Now I am psyched for the weekend. This one will be special because I have a playdate with a pal from school and it is also the fortnight I stay over at my grandparents’ place. (Have my bean plants started flowering?)No wonder people say TGIF! (What is TGIF anyway?)Little Grateful Isaac


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