There is a new show that I like to watch. Mama doesn’t enjoy it, but I do! The show is American Gladiators 2008Papa says he watched the original show almost 20 years ago and decided to watch the latest season (#2) on a whim.I don’t know what a whim is (is it like a beanbag?) but I am glad that he did! It is great fun watching people run around, bump into one another, and throw balls around. It’s like playground time except they might win a car and money!Mama says it is a show that gives me “bonding time” with papa. I am not sure what exactly bonding with papa is (is that like sitting around in our underwear?), but I like pretending that I am playing Powerball or Rocketball.Anyway, season 2 is not yet done, so we are now watching season 1. Mama still doesn’t want to watch it with us because of all that testosterone.I don’t know what testosterone is (is that like fart?) but I still like watching it with papa. We can fart and no one will raise a stink!Little Gladiator Isaac


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