Earlier this week, a teacher that I had not seen before started giving out “gold coin” chocolate to some of my classmates.Now, I know what you are thinking: I should not be taking candy from strangers. But I really wanted a gold coin chocolate! She had so many, so I was sure that I would get one. But I didn’t!I was so disappointed. I told my folks about this on separate occasions and when papa asked me why I didn’t get any, I said that maybe the teacher thought that I was naughty.It turns out that it wasn’t because of that (I wasn’t naughty!). The teacher gave out the coins to the kiddies who were attending a special camp.Ah, that would explain why some of them were not around during school hours. In fact, quite a few of the really naughty ones were not around this week.They can have their chocolate. I have Ghirardelli squares at home! Have a yummy weekend everybody!Little Chocoholic Isaac


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