Grr, a kid at school broke my toy ambulance! That was the first thing I told papa when he picked me up today.Normally mama picks me up, but mama was not feeling well. Poor mama! Never mind, Isaac is here to take care of you. Would you like a cookie?One good thing about today was that I was able to ride the bus back with papa. Yay! It was a double-decker too! And the fun began when papa had to run up a hill to catch the bus.Papa was huffing and puffing when we finally caught up. Papa said that it was because he was carrying me. Hey, at least I helped by carrying my own bag!Oh, I forgot… Grr! That kid who broke the door of my ambulance was so violent! My folks say that is what I get when I share toys with kids who don’t know how to behave.Maybe we should do something to him so that he ends up in an ambulance? An ambulance with a broken door so that he accidentally plops out? Hee-hee-hee!Little Fantasy Isaac


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